Friday, July 18, 2014 & updates

Some of you may have already seen me bragging about this on twitter in one of my twits yesterday.  Or tweets, or as I call them, an aol instant message to the world.  This blog is now the proud sponsor of Tim Wallach's baseball reference page.  I inquired about getting an image in the box (I wanted to use the banner atop this blog) and they responded by sending me a link to Tanaka's page, which has an image.  I figured great, I just need to use html or something, but before I could try, they followed up and said; "No, images.  Tanaka's was a special arrangement with the Yankees."  Well how about a special arrangement with this blog?  I can't offer any money beyond the regular sponsorship cost, but I promise to link to your site?  I'll be over here, not holding my breath.

I also finally spent my $10 (minimum amount to add to your account) on "Check Out My Cards" and had some cards shipped.  That '03 Topps Fan Favorite has sat in my inventory for nearly a year.  Also in the COMC package were a couple more of the countless variations of 2010 Brett Wallach cards.  I'll post them individually in the near future.

Updated Totals:

2003 Topps All-Tim Fan Favorites Refractor: 3
2005 Topps Rookie Cup Red: 13

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  1. Hmm… I know that after Tony Gwynn passed, that, a San Diego sports blog, sponsored the page and included an image. Again, maybe another one of the "exceptions". Either way, cool to see that you sponsored the Wallach page. I use Baseball Ref a ton, and I sponsored Archi Cianfrocco's page. Kind of a cool thing to do, I think.